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Islamorada Waste Water Utilities Information


Wastewater EMERGENCY 24/7 phone number: (305) 359-0813 

For non-emergency questions about the Collection System, send an email to: or call (305) 664-6455 during office hours


Customers of the Islamorada wastewater system are asked to report slow drains or issues with their sewer systems to the village's waste-water emergency number at 305-359-0813

Village waste-water technicians will respond 24 hours a day. A private plumber should only be called if the technician determines the problem is not with the village waste-water system, but on the private property side.

Village officials advise property owners to call the emergency number prior to contacting a private plumber. If the issue is with the village waste-water system, cost incurred by property owners who hire a private plumber prior to calling the waste-water emergency number will not be reimbursed.

For more information contact the Islamorada's Waste-water program Manager, Greg Tindle, by email at or call 305-664-6451.



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