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Venetian Shores Garbage, Recycle and Yard Waste Collection

Residential Solid Waste Services 
Visit for the current schedule
Island Disposal
305-393-3300 Office
Islamorada Public Works Department
86800 Overseas Highway
Islamorada, FL 33036
305-852-6933 Office
Regular trash, recycling and yard waste containers may be placed at the curbside no earlier then one (1) day preceding scheduled collection days and shall be removed from the curbside no later than 8:00 p.m. on the collection day.  Bulk trash requiring a special pick-up may be placed at the curbside no earlier than three (3) days preceding the pick-up date.

Garbage                       Monday & Thursday 

                                     TEAL BLUE specially provided garage cart                                         w/wheels

Plant/Yard Waste           Wednesday

                                     up to 6 containers/property

Household Recycle      Thursday

                                     BLUE specially provided recycle cart w/wheels

Yard waste and household waste must be in separate container.

Do not put yard waste in the special carts. 

Household Recycle

Clean all recyclables and place into your BLUE recycling cart


Aluminum Cans (rinsed/clean)

Aluminum Foil and foil containers (clean)

Bimetal Cans including aerosol cans (empty)


Brown paper bags, catalogs, magazines, telephone books, paperback books, Fax paper, copy paper, construction paper, corrugated cardboard (broken down), junk mail including envelope, newspaper insets and paper egg cartons.  Juice, milk and soup cartons (rinsed/clean)

Plastics and Glass:

Plastics #1-7 (rinsed/clean

Glass clear, green and brown from food and beverages

NO food, liquids, batteries, Styrofoam plastic grocery bags in your recycle carts.plastic bags or trash bags.  NO batteries; save batteries for drop off at household hazardous waste collections. Take plastic shopping bags and styrofoam to local store collection sites.

Special Collection Services:  

Contact our solid waste provider to schedule a special roadside pick-up for collection of items listed below. Special pickups will be made within 5 days of your request.

Do not pile items under wires or near trees.

Do not mix items together. Fees may apply.


Oversized Yard Waste:  Neatly pile your palm fronds, coconuts and tree branches at the roadside. All must be cut to 6 feet in length.  Fees apply.


White Goods:  Neatly pile your unwanted household furniture and appliances at the roadside.  No Fee.


Carpeting:  Roll and tie your 6 foot wide carpeting pieces and place at roadside.  No Fee.


Construction and Automotive Debris:  Before setting out this debris, contact our solid waste provider to discuss whether a special pickup or delivery of a dumpster is right for your situation.  Fees apply.


Oversized Recyclable Material:  Neatly pile your oversized recyclable items, such as moving boxes, furniture and cardboard boxes at the roadside.  No Fee.


Residential Hazardous Household

Collection Program (HHC)

Four times a year, Islamorada residents may take household hazardous waste products for free disposal to a special drop off location.

Household waste materials include paints, stains, strippers, wood preservatives, roof and tar patching compounds, adhesives, putty, chalk, fiberglass and epoxy resins, acetones, mineral spirits, hydraulic fluids, antifreeze, used oil, muriatic acid, lye, pesticides, fertilizers and weed killer, household and drain cleaners, pool cleaning products and tires off the rim that do not exceed a light duty SUV. Batteries of all sizes, electronic and fluorescent lighting watseare also accepted this event.

Visit for additional information or call our solid waste provider at 305-853-3433 or the Islamorada Public Works office at 305-852-6933.

E-Waste Disposal

Computer & Electronic Waste

Contact our solid waste provider year-round to schedule a free residential roadside pick-up for televisions, electronic equipment entertainment devices, computers, monitors, printers, fax machines and mobile phones.


Free residential used motor oil disposal service is provided for Village residents

year-round.  Contact our solid waste provider for additional information.

Standard Service Guidelines

Household trash and recycling materials must be placed in carts provided; bagged or stacked items WILL NOT be collected as part of normal serve. You must call for these items to be removed.

  • Each home is provided one 64 gallon Green Trash Cart and one 64 gallon Blue Recycle Cart. Green Trash Carts are emptied two days per week.

  • Blue Recycle Carts are emptied one day per week. Set the carts at roadside, with arrows pointing towards the roadway. 

  • $65 one-time fee for additional green carts; small fee charged for each collection from additional green trash cart (call for rate).

  • No additional for blue carts.

  • Minimum $50.00 fee to collect trash NOT placed in automated trash carts.


Yard waste is collected manually in 32 gallon containers (provided by the resident) or bundled and tied piles.

Each home may set out six 32 gallon containers or six bundles collected once per week.

Containers and/or bundles may not weigh more than 50 pounds each.

Branches must be cut to 4 feet in length.

Christmas trees are collected roadside.

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