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VSHA Membership

  1. VSHA Membership dues are $150.00 per year January 1 to December 31 and may be paid by check, money order, or cash.  You may also pay online here with Paypal in which case there will be a $5.00 service fee.

  2. To qualify to be a VSHA member you must be a property owner in the Venetian Shores subdivision and be current on the VSHA annual dues.

  3. When your dues are paid your name(s) will be added to the VSHA membership list and you will be entitled to membership privileges.


Click here to download and print the mail in application.
Mail to: Venetian Shores Homeowners Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 1732, Islamorada, FL  33036 



Venetian Shores Homeowners Association, Inc


Become a member of the Venetian Shores Homeowners Association (VSHA). Membership is open to all Venetian Shores property owners. Membership is on a voluntary basis. Membership is annual beginning January and continues through December. The annual fee to join is due in January.


VSHA Current Membership Procedures:


1. The Annual Membership Invoice is sent via USPS to all recorded Venetian Shores property owners the third week in November of the preceding year. 

2. Bylaws state: For membership purposes, the Association’s fiscal year is January 1st through December 31st.

3. The dues are due in full January 1, of the corresponding year. 

4. Every year a new VSHA register of property owners who have paid their current dues is started on January 1 of the current year. If a property owner has not paid, then that person is not on the list and is not considered a member until their dues have been paid.

5. Membership privileges are conveyed when the property owner has paid their dues.

6. A second Membership Invoice is sent via USPS in March to all Venetian Shores property owners that have not paid their current dues.

7. Membership Invoices are sent to new VS property owners after they are registered with the Monroe County Property appraiser.

8. VS property owners are given the opportunity to become members of the association at any time during the year by paying the full membership dues.

9. When the full dues have been paid, then membership privileges are conveyed.

10. Membership dues once paid are not refundable.


VSHA Membership Privileges:


1. Members have the right to vote in the election of the VSHA board of directors.

2. Members have the right to run for the board of directors.

3. Members have the right to serve as a director on the board.

4. Members have the right to attend the VSHA Annual Homeowners meeting.

5. Members have the right to serve on a VSHA committee.

6. Members have the right to chair a VSHA committee.

Even if you choose not to join, please provide your e-mail, address and contact information and return this to the VSHA so we may

e-mail the newsletter, invitations and notice of important issues that affect our community.


How would you like bo be contacted?

After submitting your application you can pay online via PayPal with a debit or credit card by clicking BUY NOW below.  Additionally checks for $150.00 can be made out to:

Venetian Shores Homeowners Association, Inc. and mailed to:  P.O. Box 1732, Islamorada, FL 33036. 


Thanks for submitting. Please click BUY NOW below to submit your payment to PayPal.

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